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We are proud to state we have created a unique PE Learning Environment dedicated for Primary PE Teacher and we address all FIVE KEY INDICATORS for Primary PE and Sport Premium set out by the UK Government!

We have put together our pedogogical practices into the 21st century where we have created the first PE VLE that is able to deliver interactive and potentially live sessions for a teacher and a group of learners to follow the online plans with virtual skills and teaching points demonstrated by elite performers alongside virtual animated drills and set up plans to teach an individual, group or whole class in their own time. 

 We aim to support primary school PE by giving teachers the resources they need to deliver outstanding PE.

Elite Athletes for demonstrations

Recording athletes performing techniques to go along side our animations, we filmed a variety of sports and diverse athletes. All our athletes are elite athletes at the top of their sports.

Animated Drills for students to follow

Being able to show the animated drill on the board, supports the teacher in delivering an effective drill for a sport they may not be confident in for the students to understand.

Perfect drills for Teaching CPD

Teachers can use our boards, skills, drills, teachers to teach each other during CPD sessions covering a wide range of sports, making more of the sports premium allocation

Schemes of Work

We have pre written schemes of work to help build the perfect cycle for PE in your school

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans to support each week and lesson the schemes of work outline with cross curricular teaching points.

Sports Premium

Address all aspects of the Sports Premium funding with different subscriptions available tailor made to your needs

How the lesson plan can be made specific to your teachers or learners to challenge everyone

 Your pupils and staff can approach the screens or use tablets to view the practices performed by the elite models. 

The home screen can be manipulated so that all set ups are unique to each individual.

Pupils can see the actual drills being performed and how to set it up using the animated drills. The differentiated drills and skill clips are also alongside the drills to challenge the pupils to develop skills, tactics and abilities in their own time.

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